Making a Difference Across the Globe


BeadforLife, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to helping lift women out of poverty in war-torn Uganda. They wanted to supplement the villagers income with sales of shea nuts, which can be used to produce shea butter, used in many soaps, skin creams, and lip balms. They needed a plan for introducing their very unique shea butter, Nilotica, into the US Market.


After a thorough technical and marketing evaluation, a plan was presented that showed the organization what would be required from a sales distribution, marketing, and operational standpoint to successfully introduce this raw material into the US beauty and cosmetics market.


  • BeadforLife has introduced their own line of shea butter products into retail
  • Nilotica has been accepted as a raw material into one of the world’s top cosmetic companies
  • Ugandan women have been able to raise their standard of living significantly