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Breaking Down Walls Between R&D and Marketing

Nutrition Industry Executive

In some situations, R&D hands over a finished product to the marketing department with the edict to go out and sell it. Other times, marketing comes to R&D with heavily detailed product development requests. I’ve been on both sides of … Continued

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Choosing Your Raw Material Suppliers

Choosing Your Raw Material Suppliers So– you think you have found the most amazing ingredient that will transform your line? Think it will make you the supplement of choice for heart health? Joint care? Mental well-being? Here are a few … Continued

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Nutricosmetics and Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals World

Women throughout the world pursue beauty and youthful skin to the tune of $382 billion a year. Within topical cosmetics, the use of nutritionals to promote anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, and smooth skin tone has clearly been growing. Over the years, … Continued

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Creativity Mixed with Science = Great Ideas

Creativity Mixed with Science …How to Generate New Product Concepts This is the 3rd article in a series on New Product Development. The first two can be accessed either in NHIOnDemand archives or on In this article, we focus … Continued